Our Mission

The Jason Taylor Foundation supports and creates programs that facilitate the personal growth and empowerment of South Florida’s children in need by focusing on improved health care, education and quality of life.


The Jason Taylor Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Tax Identification Number 20-1452369

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Pazos Law Group Partners with JTF

PAZOS LAW GROUP PARTNERS WITH JASON TAYLOR FOUNDATION TO EMPOWER YOUTH AND INSPIRE COMMUNITY WESTON, FL – Pazos Law Group, a Weston based law firm focusing on Family Law and Divorce, Homeowners


Louder Than A Bomb Florida 2017 Recap

If you missed the last half of what turned out to be an incredible competition, here’s a recap of the final days of Louder Than a Bomb Florida 2017. You can also see what happened during the first h

Our Programs


The Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Network

Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn.” Thomas Gray About the network: Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to feel like their life, their story is important and that someone is listening. Oftentimes, children feel that no one is lis


Louder Than A Bomb Florida

We feel that what young people have to say about the world they inhabit and hope to construct is more useful than any armament, more complex than prison industrial systems, and louder than any bomb.” Kevin Coval, Co-founder of Louder Than A Bomb Louder


Jason Taylor Scholars

The Jason Taylor Foundation has partnered with Take Stock in Children to sponsor the “ Jason Taylor Scholars” program. This school-based, comprehensive mentoring and scholarship program is designed to break the cycle of poverty and academic failure fo


The Jason Taylor Foundation

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