David moved to tDavid Dorceushe U.S. from Haiti two years ago and lives with his mother. He attends Boynton Beach High School and plays in the school’s band. Although English is still somewhat of a struggle he is determined to make good grades and works extra hard on his assignments. David loves sports and plays JV football at school. David is very intrigued by science and outer space and after high school plans on attending a university that offers a Space Studies Program. At such a young age David has been faced with adversity but the guarantee of a scholarship keeps him focused on accomplishing his dreams.

“Since I was a little boy I promised my mother that one day I will take care of her the way she has always taken care of me. This scholarship has guaranteed just that. I never thought that college was possible, but now it is real and I’m focused on making my mother proud.” ~ David Dorceus