El Puente Workshop - Jason Taylor Foundation


The Jason Taylor Foundation’s bluapple Poetry Network is building a bridge and knocking down walls with words—El Puente! This bilingual, intergenerational creative experience will be designed for the robust Latinx community of South Florida.  Utilizing poetry as a bridge, El Puente will narrow gaps between adult immigrants hailing from numerous Spanish speaking nations and their children, who often feel worlds apart due to language barriers, cultural differences, anti-immigration sentiments, and generational split. Through a series of workshops held at JTF’s new creative space in West Broward – home to more than half of the county’s Hispanic and Latinx population – individuals will be provided the opportunity to explore, share, and validate uniquely personal narratives in their native tongues, introducing a fresh, non-traditional method of traversing language through art. Regardless of how many borders participants have crossed, El Puente will ensure storytelling becomes community, and community becomes home for all.


El Puente is held every Monday from 1-2pm (for students), and 2-3pm (for adults).


Ultimate studio blu
1575 N. Park Drive
Weston, FL 33326
(954) 424-0799


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