Jason Taylor Children's Learning Center - Jason Taylor Foundation

The Jason Taylor Children’s Learning Center is a recreational and educational hub for hospitalized children at Holtz Children’s Hospital.  The center opens the world to hospitalized patients by allowing them to engage in social activities and interaction with others, while reinforcing grade-appropriate curriculum through educational software, all within a child-friendly environment.

The center provides access to technology, even when a patient is unable to leave his or her room.  Laptops are provided to patients in order to support important family and friend connections via e-mail, social networks, and other websites. By designating specific “parent laptops” for families, the Jason Taylor Learning Center has also created a way for caregivers to access important resources such as e-mail, bill pay, and online banking, as well as educational and supportive websites.

All these essential components come together within the Jason Taylor Children’s Learning Center to improve the quality of care, and to ultimately pave the way to a speedy recovery.