Jamal Ferguson - Jason Taylor Foundation

jamal_webJamal Ferguson is the oldest of three siblings and is a senior at Somerset Academy Central Miramar.  Jamal believes that he has a calling to help and motivate those around him that are in need. He is inspired to help change the world someday and make it a more positive place. He is extremely passionate about helping and counseling those who struggle with problems leading them to make “negative, impulsive decisions.”  Jamal also has an interest in computer programming and psychology.

Jamal enjoys giving advice, fixing computers and playing sports.  A former student at the Jason Taylor Reading Room, Jamal also participates in the Omari Hardwick bluapple Poetry Corner.  He has personally written motivational speeches and also loves to write poetry. He hopes to be able to publish his poems one day.  Although he does not know exactly which college he would like to attend when he graduates from high school, Jamal is sure that he wants to study something involved with computers and helping people.