Cypress Bay HS Club Strives To Create A Generation of Philanthropists | JTF Forum | 2017.11.01 - Jason Taylor Foundation

“Taylor Teens” Hopes to Create a Generation of Philanthropists
Through Service Projects

By Founding Members and Officers of the Cypress Bay Taylor Teens – Charter Chapter

Taylor Teens is a brand new club that is starting at Cypress Bay High School. It is made up of students who work together to create service projects to benefit the underprivileged community of South Florida in the hopes of creating a new generation of philanthropists. We recently had our first meeting and had over 30 people attend! Here is what a few of our officers look forward to this year with Taylor Teens.

 • • •

As historian of the newly founded Taylor Teens club, I am mainly looking forward to expanding the club throughout our school. A goal of mine is to have everyone at our school, Cypress Bay, be aware of our club so that the following year our memberships increase significantly. I look forward to helping out our community as well as also helping out the Jason Taylor Foundation. Another thing that I am looking forward to for the following years is growing Taylor Teens into other schools in South Florida. To see our little club flourish into a well known association is what I look forward to most.
– Lexi Barten, Historian

 • • •

Having grown up in the affluent community of Weston, I often take for granted the most basic necessities, assuming that everybody has access to them; however, this is definitely not the case. There are way too many children in this world, and even in neighboring South Florida cities, suffering from poverty. As a Taylor Teen, I aspire to help change that. With our positive attitudes, determination and several service projects planned for the year, I know that the Taylor Teens club will be able to make a positive impact. I look forward to engaging my peers in our many service projects and encouraging them to help us end the cycle of poverty. I am certain that with the hard work and dedication of myself, the Taylor Teens board and my peers, we will be able to help as many children in need as we can.
– Jessica Sobel, Vice President

 • • •

As a Taylor Teen, I look forward to see what this club will accomplish. We have started what I know will be a successful organization to accomplish our goals. I am ecstatic to gather a group of likeminded students, all with the common ambitions to make this world a better place.  I am beyond excited to work alongside my fabulous officer team. We all are prepared to put everything we have into this club and we can not wait to watch it grow and thrive. I hope that through this club we will touch the hearts of countless underprivileged children. We will strive to inspire our student body to give back to the community and become active members of our club in order to reach its full potential of helping those in need. We have so much to look forward to with Taylor Teens, and I cannot wait to see what this year holds for us.
-Rebecca Leiman, Secretary

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To learn how you can join the Taylor Teens Club at Cypress Bay High School, or start a Taylor Teens on your campus, email


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