#SpotlightTuesday - Slam ALS - Jason Taylor Foundation

Every Tuesday, the Jason Taylor Foundation dedicates the day to spotlighting one of our partners, volunteers, or celebrity friends who have supported our tireless efforts toward building a brighter future for the youth of the South Florida community.

This week we would like to spotlight SLAM ALS and Jason Taylor’s involvement with the campaign.

SLAM ALS, similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is a social media driven movement that asks participants to create a video slamming an object and to challenge three friends to create their own video within a 24-hour period.

The goal is to raise awareness and generate funds to benefit Project ALS. A local high school student, Madison Silver, and her mother, Deborah Silver, created SLAM ALS after Deborah’s sister became diagnosed with the fatal disease.

Madison did not wish to sit back and watch her aunt continue to suffer. Instead, she made it her mission to help raise awareness and find a cure to this deadly illness. Initially, at only 11 years of age, Madison started HopeHeartByMadison.com and created several fund raising events with her brother Spencer generating more than $100,000 toward finding a cure for ALS.

Now, as a high school student, Madison uses social media and the hash tag #slamALS to bring this disease to the center of attention. The campaign began on May 9, 2016 and already has grabbed the attention of many local athletes and members of the community.

Recently, Madison and Deborah approached Jason Taylor about becoming involved in the Slam ALS campaign. Jason admired the work being done and realized the importance of tackling the deadly disease. You can watch Jason Slam ALS at: https://youtu.be/tr92Zbeii7k

If you would like to learn more about the Slam ALS campaign, please visit: www.slamALS.org and follow Slam ALS on social media:

Twitter: @slam_als

Instagram: @slam_als

Facebook: slam ALS