Educator’s Studio Virtual Series | s01.e02 | 2020.10.15 | Mariah Neuroth - Jason Taylor Foundation



Engaging young people in Louder Than A Bomb can be a life changing experience for poets, educators, and whole school communities.  In this time of virtual learning, it is even more important that we build opportunities for youth leadership in the club environment and learn from the vast research around the many ways to do that.  Clubs can vary from youth engaged to youth driven to youth led and each option has its own style.  In this workshop we will discuss the various levels of youth involvement, how to engage peer to peer recruitment and retention, and explore the concept of adultism.



Mariah Neuroth is an elite manager of people and projects.  Managing cultural influencers and influential projects is her passion. Her work sits at the intersection of culture and community, impacting talent, spaces, and events. She works alongside social influencers, artists and musicians, cultural institutions, and event spaces to build authentic connections among staff, participants, clients, donors, communities, and the missions that unite them. Mariah brings to her work over a decade of experience as a non-profit executive, strategy consultant, professional development trainer, program developer, project manager and event planner.

Mariah specializes in bringing together people and groups with diverse backgrounds, goals, opinions, and preferred modes of expression, finding common ground and creating meaningful solutions to difficult challenges. Her experience building communities, fields, and lasting relationships has contributed to the growth of organizations across Chicago. She has scaled the Louder Than A Bomb youth poetry festival within the city to impact 10,000 people annually and across the country, resulting in 15+ sites replicating the model. Mariah contributed to the growth of the Interfaith Youth Core from a $100,000 annual budget to over $5 million, and led a team at Umoja Student Development Corporation to impact over a dozen high schools. Mariah’s commitment to Chicago and the communities within it drive her creativity, dedication to relationship building, and passion for the necessary work of the people and projects she supports. Visit her at to learn more or follow her on Instagram @mneuroth.



The bluapple Poetry Network’s Educator’s Studio is a free series of workshops and discussions dedicated to providing teachers of writing and the arts with resources, concepts, and lesson plans that can be utilized in their classrooms, after school clubs, and other projects that inspire youth through poetry. Guest facilitators from Florida and across the country will guide participants through the monthly series.





PDF File – Roger Hart’s Ladder of Young People’s Participation

PDF File – Framework for Understanding Adultism

Full Transcript of Zoom Chat