"Fear of Forgiveness" by Rod - Jason Taylor Foundation


“Fear of Forgiveness”, an original poem written and performed by bluapple alum Rod, a 2019 graduate of Fort Lauderdale High School and current student at Florida International University

Today’s poem, “Fear of Forgiveness” is brought to you by poet Rod, a 2019 graduate from Fort Lauderdale HS and current rising sophomore at Florida International University. She says that this pandemic has forced her to deal with past traumas and suppressed emotions she was used to distracting herself from with everyday work and school. “When many of us think about our pasts or something we’re not so proud of, we dread it so much we don’t want to deal with it until we explode.” She says this poem is a reminder that we are human and no one is perfect. It’s okay to have fears and sadness. It’s okay to make mistakes. She believes we have to forgive ourselves and others for things we may regret or have done or been hurt by. She says that above all, she prays that we all seek and find healing from those things that hurt us. #JournalingForJustice

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