#JournalingForJustice - Jason Taylor Foundation


#JournalingForJustice was born out of the bluapple Poetry Network wanting to make sure that there is a maintained and concentrated focus on poems that address social justice. Many poems come through the bluapple Poetry Network and they are written by people from varied walks of life. However, #JournalingForJustice will highlight poems that directly address our shortcomings as a society when it comes to race and identity and amplifies the voice of the youth.




“Fear of Forgiveness”, an original poem written and performed by bluapple alum Rod, a 2019 graduate of Fort Lauderdale High School and current student at Florida International University



If you have a video or written work you would like to submit please send via email to bluapple@jasontaylorfoundation.com or DM @bluapplepoetry on Instagram.